Legal Process Engineering in the Hands of Lawyers

Lean Law™ is decades of mentoring condensed into an easily accessible education service, for online or in-person.

Lean Law is a not a technology, a diary system or a docketing tool. It’s a better way of practising law, found in lessons, tools and templates to give lawyers continuous oversight, control and quality assurance.

Efficiency, Effectiveness and Transparency

These three pillars of lean happen to be exactly what clients want from their lawyers.

Effectiveness: build the right project plan to deliver an outcome which meets the client’s goals
Efficiency: deliver on time and on budget by eliminating waste
Transparency: offer consistent value, without spin or surprises
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The missing ingredient for lawyers to apply their talent, knowledge and experience.

Law schools teach you what the law is, not how to practise it. The art of practicing law the way clients actually want is acquired through mentoring followed by decades of trial and error.

Those tips, skills and methods are all here at your fingertips.

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What is Lean Law?

Missing Skills Training

Lean Law™ is an educational service to help lawyers sharpen their skills, optimize their processes and enhance relations with clients.

It contains the key untaught skills to practise law the way clients actually want, and to stay current, relevant and aligned to them.

Alex Geisler is a partner with the AmLaw 100 firm Duane Morris and creator of Lean Law™.

The roots of this educational and mentoring programme come from 30 years representing auto manufacturers, an industry where the principles of lean were born. Lean Law™ is based on the experience serving the in-house community, hearing their concerns, building events and creating innovative solutions for them.

Why Lean Law?

Stay Market Aware with Continuously Updated Content

Lean Law™ is updated weekly with new content and contributions from leading General Counsel, so you can stay on top of the key industry issues as identified by our research collaborator ALM Media.

Weekly ‘Lean Briefings’ offer unique tips and tools for legal professionals at all levels to help respond to client demands for efficient, effective and high value service. Our extensive research tells us this is the key differentiator that drives repeat business.

Exemplar Weekly Lean Briefing
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Access Lean Law Services

The Lean Law educational service can be accessed by lawyers, firms and legal departments in various ways:

Online education by subscription

The full curriculum is available from our subscription partner ALM Media as Lean Adviser and includes weekly updates and membership of the accreditation scheme.

Learn more here.

Bespoke training and workshops

Invite Alex Geisler, the creator of Lean Law, to create and deliver training tailored to your precise needs and requirements.

Conferences and speaking engagements

Alex is on an elite list of ‘must have’ speakers who provide transformational training and leadt hought leadership panels

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